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If you’ve recently walked through lower Manhattan and heard a smoky singing voice near a back alley, you might have unknowingly witnessed the birth of a Love Crushed Velvet song. Songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist A.L.X. captures musical impulses wherever they occur—even if that means recording ideas aloud in the shadows behind a public building. This sort of cloaked creativity is the essence of Love Crushed Velvet. The band’s beguiling pop/rock grooves overlay lyrics that explore dark sensuality and our increasingly self-indulgent culture.

Two years in the making, Love Crushed Velvet—the band, the album, and the song—emerged from the idea that life is multi-layered. A.L.X. explains that, in his songwriting, “there’s a certain acknowledgement that life isn’t necessarily sugar-coated, that emotions are complex and sometimes come from dark places.” Similarly, the intricate production of each track mirrors what A.L.X. calls the “perfect sheen,” under which he often finds a shadier truth.

He adds, “There are things within all of us that aren’t necessarily so pretty.”

Though A.L.X. is no stranger both locally and internationally to the indie/alternative rock scene, Love Crushed Velvet marks the first time he has developed a record with his own working band. For this album, legendary drummer Thommy Price (Billy Idol, Joan Jett) and  seasoned guitarist Jimi Bones (Blondie) join A.L.X. to forge a hybrid sound that draws from the combined influences of its creators.

Consequently, the album Love Crushed Velvet reflects a unique synthesis of musical inspirations. To classic punk chord structures and slick production reminiscent of New Wave, A.L.X. adds his own pop sensibilities and fascination with the seedier side of life. “I’ve always loved the irony of having a song that feels like a pop tune with a bit of a disturbing message,” he says. A Love Crushed Velvet tune may recall The Clash, early U2, even the menacing tone of a David Lynch film—simultaneously. By juxtaposing catchy melodies with edgy, sexually charged lyrics, the music resists simple categorization.

Call it debauched pop/rock. Call it New Glam. Call it whatever you like. Then have another listen—and find another decadent layer under each contagious hook.

Love Crushed Velvet’s debut album is released Spring 2010.

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